In this online dating guide we are going to explain how you can use online dating successfully for yourself.

There are over 16 million singles in Germany (see statistics from Of these, over 7 million are active on the Internet on online dating exchanges (source: cf. statistics from That alone shows the great potential and opportunities that online dating can offer. But is it really that easy to find your dream partner with the help of online dating?

You are always promised a lot in TV advertising – it is advertised that online dating can be used to find your dream partner incredibly quickly, very easily and without complications.

The question we ask ourselves: If you can find your dream partner so quickly and easily, why do you have to enter into such long contracts with most providers? Isn’t it theoretically enough to just register for a few days at the ideal partner exchange? Because you can quickly find your potential dream partner and then meet in real life. And why should one still be registered with the dating exchange afterwards? Well, there are several ways why many people opt for a longer contract period:

Online dating thus counteracts the very reasons why most people are single – according to a study from 2010, some of the most common reasons to be single are:

According to another study from 2011, couples are happier than singles. Of the 7,671 couples surveyed, 90.30% said they were satisfied or very satisfied, and only 2.80% said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

Of the 11,640 singles surveyed, on the other hand, only 61.90% said they were very satisfied or satisfied. 16.70% of the singles even stated that they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

What exactly is behind these online dating providers and what the differences are, we will explain in the next section.

As already mentioned, the first thing you should make clear when dating online is what or who you want to get to know via a flirt portal.

With online dating, all of this is possible – it’s just a question of what kind of flirt portal you should register on.

Dating sites can be compared very well with a classic personal ad. On a dating site you can easily create a profile, enter a few things about yourself (e.g. hobbies) and, if possible, upload a profile photo of you so that other members can more easily get an idea of ​​you (you can find a section on the perfect profile further down in the text.

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